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Slow Fashion:

Being a business with just one employee, it was important for me to create a brand which focused on slow fashion, producing conscious small batches and releasing only 1 small capsule collection per year. Focusing on creating key wardrobe staples, which can transition with you throughout the whole year, rather than choosing to release a new collection every season, like most mass, fast-fashion brands.

Conscious Products:

Where possible I have opted for sustainable materials, like our Finley Wool Hats, as well as using products that are both fair trade and ethical, like our Casey & Blake T-Shirts, with a long term goal to continue to grow this product range and  create more products which follow these conscious and positive footsteps.  You can see more of our Eco range here.

Sustainable Packaging:

All of our orders are posted in completely plastic free packaging, using either recyclable cardboard boxes or biodegradable postage bags and plastic free gum tape.

Carbon Neutral Shipping:

We offer our customers the chance to support a sustainable future, with our carbon neutral shipping option, which supports clean energy, by donating funds which go towards the installation of solar power and wind farms.

Aligned Manufacturing:

I spent months searching for the right manufactures who aligned with my values,  focusing on supporting true artisans, who hold years of experience in their craft, as well as ensuring good working conditions, fair pay and where possible, having their own sustainable measures in place. Our main manufacture prides themselves on their environmental friendly production methods and their strong use of raw materials which come from the most sustainable sources, as well as their factory running off solar energy.


I will continue to work to improve the sustainability of my business and future collections, continuing to grow my eco product range and create more products which follow these conscious and positive footsteps.