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The Beginning: 

Lovaine Store was born in my bedroom, back in 2013. What started off as a small, handmade jewellery boutique, quickly grew into a globally selling brand. After a 5 year hiatus, my own personal style, influences and passions have changed, so I made the decision to rebrand and relaunch the store in March 2020 to be more inline with who I am today. Changing my product focus and moving away from jewellery, I now focus on slow fashion, producing in conscious, small batches and only releasing 1 small capsule collection per year, rather than choosing to release a new collection every season, like most mass, fast-fashion brands. I have also recently launched my own surf inspired, illustration collection, which was created during isolation. You can shop my print collection here.

The Collection: 

Growing up with 4 brothers, I was always inspired by menswear, constantly wearing my brothers clothes and always preferring to shop in the men's sections in stores. I always struggled to find a women's clothing brand that spoke to me, so I decided to go on the journey of creating my own. The Drifters Collection was inspired by those who don't just follow one path, with hints of western and military influence, complimented by relaxed boyfriend style fits and a rich, earthy colour palette. This collection features my key wardrobe staples, which can transition with you throughout the whole year.

About me:

Emilie Layla Lovaine-James - Founder, Designer & Photographer, slow living by the ocean in West-Wales, with my husband Jon and our beautiful pup Maggie. Since Lovaine Store was born, I have spent the last 7 years developing my skills and learning every aspect of running an online store, allowing me to do everything in-house, from shooting all the video and photographic content, building the website, email newsletters and doing all the branding too, it's been a complete labour of love. A special thank you to my husband Jon, who has always supported me. Thanks for helping me turn our local community hall into a functioning photo studio, letting me turn our spare bedroom into a stock room, sitting through my daily fashion shows and giving me feedback as I tried and tested the designs and samples in our living room and for being our driver and cook on our recent photoshoot in Spain. Lastly, thank you to our pup Maggie who has supplied me with an endless supply of cuddles during the build and design process.

For a little look behind the scenes, or for a constant stream of pup spam, join me over on Instagram: @Lovaine_James.